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Conflict Mediation is an affordable, amicable, and family-oriented alternative to litigation. Through mediation, the parties involved avoid the “win-lose” and “lose-lose” outcomes commonly associated with the standard legal process. Resolving or narrowing areas of disputes through mediation save an enormous amount of time, energy, and expense associated with protracted conflict and litigation.

I have advanced mediation skills training and meet the requirements under Minnesota Supreme Court Rule 114 for qualified neutrals; and I am especially skilled at handling highly emotional situations. I will create a safe, neutral, and respectful forum that helps you identify the true issues, facilitates productive communication, and enables participants to reach a workable solution.

Areas of mediation:

  • General mediation
  • Complex organizational and workplace disputes
  • Family reconciliation
  • Adult family members
  • Marital mediation

If you are in a conflict and are interested in mediation services, please call 612-819-0826 or email iris@iriscornelius.com to schedule a no obligation introductory meeting.