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Your managers have a disproportionate impact on your company’s productivity, morale, and profitability. Effective leadership can be learned. I can help develop leadership in your organization by designing and delivering tailored corporate leadership development programs and leadership skill programs to executive, mid-level, and front-line management.

I offer one-on-one coaching for busy executives who are interested in growing both professionally and personally.  I also work with high potential people and assist those who need to bridge performance gaps as identified by their organizations.

I use a variety of diagnostic tools to provide the person being coached with the insight and awareness needed to create and implement a meaningful Personal Development Plan. As a result, the people I coach are…

  • Self-aware of their behaviors and skills
  • More attuned to how others perceive them
  • Prepared to overcome internal hindrances to achieving their goals
  • Able to maintain a healthier work-life balance
  • Successfully executing a life and career game plan
  • Optimizing at-work and family relationships

For more information or to schedule a no obligation introductory meeting, please call me at 612-819-0826 or email iris@iriscornelius.com