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By their very nature, executive teams are made up of strong personalities. Team Development deepens each member’s understanding of the team’s unique dynamics, as well as their individual impact on the team. Throughout the process, each team member’s unique expertise relative to the work of the team is reinforced and a culture of trust within your management team is established. Some of the work I do includes:

  • Team Assessment and goal renewal
  • Performance enhancement
  • Organizational/operational assessment
  • Organizational/operational design and transformation
  • Matrix design and implementation
  • Change leadership
  • New leader assimilation
  • 360-degree assessments
  • Team-building activities
  • Customized off-site retreats
  • Situational leadership theory
  • Applied leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Relationship building/communication


Does your organization suffer because certain executive team members cannot get along? Do some executives have difficulty expressing ideas because of others? Ineffective processes can lead to conflict, dysfunction, and poor performance.

Realize your team’s effectiveness using positive conflict resolution practices. I can teach your management proven techniques to discuss difficult issues with constructive communication, resolve problems, and build upon acceptance. My process includes:

  • Issue Identification
  • Shared conceptual framework on the influences of feelings and behavior
  • Review of perceptions or beliefs (accurate or inaccurate)
  • Acquisition of interpersonal communications and listening skills
  • Mediation of “win/win” agreements in a non-adversarial, side-by-side approach
  • Code of Conduct development
  • Action Plan development

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